Pride 2003

Just got back from the last 24 hours’ revels.

The parade was a blast – I had a much better time this year. Not sure why. I think because the heat was bearable and not oppressive.

Thunderous applause and screaming when a float celebrating the Supreme Court decision came by – with people dressed up in parody of the Justices. This was punctuated by a drag queen in a convertible with a sign that said: ‘EAT PUSSY, SCALIA.”

The Dykes on Bikes remains one of my favorite features of the parades as a squad of hardcore femmebots and butchbots screech by on their Harleys. That and the guys that twirl guns a la military style combining martial precision with a little camp. PLFAG drew lots of applause.

What the parade always reminds me is the diversity of the LGBT world. Actually the diversity of the world entire. Sexuality is only a component of identity. I think it must be rewarding for the war veterans to walk in the parade and be able to be out and celebrated after their years of military service. The local labor union of bluecollar workers and craftsman partying on a float. Or the float for the Chicago Police Department.

I was surprised the governor showed up. And he was shaking hands.

All I know is I wanna party with Amigas Latinas. Those girls look like they know how to have a good time.

Ron and I had gone to Circuit from midnight to 3 last night and then had breakfast and then slept – I could only sleep an hour or so and then we went to the gym and then began walking around pre-parade. Ron has a ton of pictures on Memory Stick but I probably can’t get them up until later in the week.

We hadn’t been dancing in a really long time and had a blast. We took a break and stood in an empty corner of the club to people watch. In time we were surrounded by a gaggle of short circuit boys. All of them obviously tweaking on crystal meth because they couldn’t sit still and were talking a mile a minute. They asked us what we were doing and I said, ‘Just hanging out.’ Then I realized they meant what were we doing. ‘You mean you’re totally sober right now?’ one of them asked – obviously a foreign concept to them. We are such a boring sober couple.

The temp job I was supposed to start this week never called back. Argh.

Porch collapses and kills 12 people. And now they are doing tons of time on building experts and permits and if the city has done enough to address the danger of porches collapsing. “People don’t realize that porches are made for entering and exiting a building.” BULLSHIT. You don’t rent an apartment for the easy access porch. You rent it for the porch you can cookout on and party on.

To cap the weekend we saw Charlie’s Angels again. It’s such a fun movie. I caught Bernie Mac’s jokes this time.

CHARLIE (on speakerphone): I hope the Angels are too much for you – I know they can be rough.
BOSLEY (Bernie Mac): Hell, I’ve dated fat women.

The parade procession was a little better mix then in the past. Usually it’s politicians, media organizations, business and then the fun ones. They mixed it up this year. More later.






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