Pray For Us

Is anyone else watching the procession at the Vatican. They are doing a litany of the canon of saints. The familiar melody and the refrain. I find myself repeating in my head… Pra-ay for us… after each incantation. It’s in my bones, man!

Though I swear he just Sante Maria de Macarena.






4 responses to “Pray For Us”

  1. palochi Avatar

    I heard a rumor that Cardinal Sante Maria de Macarena is going to be the next Pope.

  2. sam Avatar

    I was hoping for an Asian one… maybe Pope Sum-Yun-Gi I.

    Gotta keep the hellfires burnin’, I say.

  3. orbicon Avatar

    I still just want to know why he’s all dressed up as Santa Claus.

  4. palochi Avatar

    He was into that, I hear.

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