Power Bottom Loses Texas House Race

Tom Malin, a Democratic candidate for the Texas House used to be a male prostitute under the name Tom Sharpe. He gained 45% of the vote but lost to Jack Borden. Malin was outted by the Dallas Morning News and of course the blogosphere has dug up caches of his old escorting profiles. Malin maintained:

“I’ve made mistakes in my life, and I’ve stood before my creator and I’ve accepted responsibility for my behavior,” Malin told the Morning News. “I’ve also accepted his grace and his redemption and his love and his forgiveness, and that’s what’s important.”

Do you think if he’d played ‘more victim’ (sort of like ‘more cowell’) that he’d’ve fared better? 45% isn’t nothing to sneeze at. Wait until today’s sex-crazed voyeurcam whores on MySpace start running as conservative candidates in 20 years. That’ll be fun.

His profile on Male4Male Escourts said:

6’2″, 42c, 32w, 16.5 a, 185#, muscular, Bl/Br, uninhibited, VGL Model – XXX Handsome – Clean Cut Hunk. Occupation: Still rated as one of the best bottoms in town! I value discretion and my career – therefore I WILL NOT SEND A FACE PIC

I didn’t know you could list ‘best bottom in town’ as an occupation. But his reviews on the site seem to agree:

Without a doubt the BEST bottom I have ever had. This man knows how to drain a cock./blockquote>

But the best is his personal quote from his profile:

I aint no concubine!

I hope he runs again because now that this gets all defused it won’t be a big deal next time. I mean, really: Ted Kennedy ran off that bridge and that girl drowned. He’ll have an army of gay blogs wanting to promote him.

I want more former male escorts to run for office.






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