Post-Partum Depression Advice for New Mothers and Parents

This is a very important post from Metafilter and if you have any new moms or parents in your life you need to send them this excellent thread of advice and information:

My baby is six weeks old. Increasingly, I have the feeling she’s not very fond of me, which isn’t unexpected since I’m coming to realize that I don’t really love her either…. I do, however, feel that perhaps I’ve made a terrible mistake in deciding to have a child. I’m realizing that I’m also jealous of the relationship her father and her grandparents have with her – their ability to get her to smile at them.

Dozens of posters chime in that the expectation of instantly bonding with an animal that craps, drools and vomits on you is a bit of a myth:

The idea that you should have a magical bond of instant head-over-heels love for your baby the moment you first lay eyes on her is cruel and seems to serve only to make women feel guilty for normal feelings.

… and…

Oh yeah – and telling the truth to anyone who dared to ask how motherhood was treating me; that it sucks, christ on a pogo-stick it really sucks, but it gets less sucky as the kid gets older. Because, damnit, someone has to start admitting that motherhood is not the idyll it’s made out to be. Denying it makes us feel worse.

… and…

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  1. Brony Avatar

    Great Article. I think it’s so important to shed some light and be honest about life. I’m tiered of everyone living with blinders on and pretending that everything is perfect.

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