Post-Debate Analysis

I realized I hadn’t posted debate analysis since I was blinded by gleeful schaudenfreude.

One thing I’ve learned about the presidency is that it’s hard work, incredibly hard (video mix). What a whiny prick.

I thought Kerry had lightyears more poise than Bush and was glad that C-Span broadcasted no cutaways – just a constant split-screen so you could see Bush smack his lips in need of a cold one (or from depressants) or roll his eyes. He basically did everything but tell Kerry to talk to the hand. And the blinking. I mean the blinking! I haven’t seen that much over-blinking since Dr. Phil’s first few episodes before he relaxed on camera.

I wished Kery hadn’t gone the route of ‘kill these terrorists’. The word ‘kill’ seemed to steamroll any idea of due process or tribunal. But Kerry was cool as a cucumber, even as Bush threw out the Rules of Engagement and begged like a whore for Lehrer to give him more time to rebut. The malaprops and Rove-ian slips were just out of control and by God, don’t forget Poland!

I guess what continues to fascinate me as a theatre director is how Bush hasn’t improved at all in his speaking or debating skills. Probably since he so rarely has a press conference any more and even when he does he’s spoonfed pre-screened questions by a whored out reporters pool. It’s like he doesn’t even care about any kind of presentation skills or eloquence. He is the champion of dunces – a patron saint to mediocrity.

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  1. JC Avatar

    I would agree with you. I am also fascinated by how many say that Bush has a good heart because he complimented Kerry on being a good father. I don’t understand how people watching the debate could not think that Kerry would be a better leader.

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