Pixar's Peril

A Redditor predicts the downfall of Pixar:

“None of Pixar’s films should have sequels, and the only reason why Toy Story does is because of Pixar’s original deal with Disney. (I wish I could find the article that I read that in but I can’t, so either Google it or call me a liar.) Toy Story was the first animated feature. Disney wouldn’t commit to distribution unless it had the option of additional movies, just in case Toy Story was a success. It was, and Disney picked up the option. … Cars 2 was, by all accounts, a mistake. It is the least successful and worst-acclaimed movie in Pixar’s stable. Personally I’m amazed that Steve Jobs let that one go, though I wouldn’t be surprised if his failing health had something to do with that. … And now that Jobs is gone — suddenly Pixar is sequel happy. Monster University is coming, plus now we’ve got Toy Story 4 and Finding Nemo 2. Why Toy Story 4? I mean, seriously, why? … Finding Nemo 2? Why? … Even Monster University: Why? Personally I’ve never had much interest in prequels since you always, always know how the story is going to end. That’s part of the beauty of Pixar films; the ending is rarely exactly what you think it was going to be at the beginning. Seriously, did anyone think McQueen was going to throw the race? Or that (most of) the toys would wind up with Bonnie? Or that Mr. Incredible didn’t think he was strong enough?
IMO, Pixar is taking the first steps that Disney took in the 80’s 90’s when they started sequelizing all of their movie properties. Did the world even need a sequel to Bambi? (“Bambi’s mother is BACK…and she’s PISSED OFF!!!”) Of course not, which explains why all of those movies went straight to VHS/DVD and nobody ever blinked. Pixar, like Disney before it, is on the verge of turning its stable of truly loveable characters into emotionless and anonymous puppets. They are Hell-bent on turning your heart strings into dollar signs, and the easiest way for them to do that is to beat their characters into submission (versus coming up with new characters and new stories). I truly hope that I’m proven wrong on this.”

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