Peter Parker's Impossible Mantra

“You see, the mantra With great power comes great responsibility is a complete abstract, so amorphous in nature it can be applied to nearly anything. … The advice from Uncle Ben was incomplete, and certainly he could not foresee the things that were to come for his nephew. … Spider-Man is stuck in this incomplete, pubescent middle ground, trying to be a hero both in and out of cape, in matters great and small. Whether its stopping Dr. Octopus from robbing a bank or traveling out of his way to pick up some milk for Aunt May, Peter tries to do the right thing, too often at the same time. He spreads himself so thin trying to do everything he can’t do anything. His grades slip, his friendships become distant, his relationships fail. Uncle Ben was murdered before he could ever impart the second half of his wisdom. With great power comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes great sacrifice. If Spider-Man is the embodiment of Ben’s sentiment, there can be no Peter Parker. He must choose one or the other, but not both. Peter never learned that and no one seems to have the heart to tell him; so he battles on; a boy still chasing an ideal he’s not mature enough to comprehend – still clinging to the last words of someone he loved; still mourning someone he lost.

via Dr_Disaster comments on Why is something so simple and true so hard to live by? [Ultimate Spider-man #21].





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