Persuaders, The (Frontline)

Frontline had a great special on the pervasiveness of persuasiveness. This reminds me of when two of my friends began working for the W Hotels and had to go through WOW Training that taught them how to talk the brand. It’s online for download – chopped up into 15 minute segments.

Frontline: The Persuaders

Update: I’d wanted to add this quote – now that the transcript from the show is up.

Someone once wrote a book called Advertisements for Myself. That’s what advertising is, it’s advertising for the guys who are creating it far more than it is for the guys who are paying for it. They’re trying to win awards. They’re trying to make more money. They’re trying to build their own portfolio. They’re trying to get a better job. They’re trying to make up for the fact that they’re in advertising and not directing films or doing stand-up comedy or painting paintings of whatever they would prefer to do, I guarantee you. And the consequence is a lot of advertising that’s quite extravagant in its look or very clever and entertaining and funny but which doesn’t do the thing that advertising is supposed to do, which is make you want to buy the good or service that’s nominally being advertised.







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  1. th0m Avatar

    That was such a good show. I’m glad you caught it. The Charlie Rose with Bill O’Reilly was surreal.

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