Hypnotist Comment Spam

____ just spammed my professional blog with a plug for his ____ _______ Hypnosis site. He’s a bastard.

Go to hell, ___! You’re a spamming asshole!

Update: Edited.






One response to “Hypnotist Comment Spam”

  1. Paul Avatar

    Dear Andymatic.

    It appears I may have unwittingly caused you some offence.
    I have only been building my web site for a few months and am new to this game, if through ignorance, I spamed you.
    I can only apologise to you.

    I trust you are man enough to except an apology from a newby to web things.

    I am most interested to know how you knew my mother and father who both died some time ago in the most distressing conditions. neither of them mentioned you. I do understand that Americans use colourful language. How ever if you are ever in the UK please call in on me and I will teach you about manners.

    Once again
    I unconditionally apologise for any inconvenience I may have unwittingly caused you due to my inexperience and ignorance of how the web and spamming works.

    As only a fool curses some one.

    Paul Hastings

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