Pardoning Torturers Won't Mean Shit

I’m complete appalled at ACLU President Anthony Romero’s justification for Obama pardoning the Bush cabal for torture in The New York Times:

“The spectacle of the president’s granting pardons to torturers still makes my stomach turn. But doing so may be the only way to ensure that the American government never tortures again. Pardons would make clear that crimes were committed; that the individuals who authorized and committed torture were indeed criminals; and that future architects and perpetrators of torture should beware. Prosecutions would be preferable, but pardons may be the only viable and lasting way to close the Pandora’s box of torture once and for all.”

I think it’s disgusting for the ACLU to not hold up the highest standard of hope for action and change – instead they are downgrading their expectations and goals. Future architects and perpetrators should beware – if they torture again it will be a crime – and they will be pardoned – so why bother? Just like with the goddamn banks. ‘We’ll let you off with a warning but you guys better watch out next time you guys okay you guys?’ Drag these criminals into the sunlight, get to the truth, prosecute, and punish. The last names of these men and women should be disgraced for generations.

Image from ACLU’s own site.




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