Papal Responsiveness on Celibacy Versus Sex Abuse

Which is worse: Tying up two children and raping them or ordaining a married man?

A lawyer for the Vatican claimed… that the two years it took the current pope to defrock a convicted pedophile was quick. But in 2006 he excommunicated an Archbishop who defied the celibacy doctrine ‘automatically’. On September 24th 2006 Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, of Zambia, defied the Vatican by ordaining four married priests. On September 26th the Vatican issued a press release announcing that he had been excommunicated… Milingo had been defying the church for many years. But when he finally committed what the Vatican thought was a ‘grave crime’, there was no delay. Flagrantly breaking with the doctrine of celibacy was met with swift, decisive condemnation. The men he ordained were removed immediately too. In 1978 the Reverend Stephen Kiesle, of Oakland, California, pleaded no contest to charges of tying up and molesting two young boys in a rectory. He was not removed from the church until 1987, despite requesting it himself in 1981. A portion of that delay meant that Kiesle was still dealing with children.

I think what still drives me slightly insane is that these are considered internal matters best dealt with inside the church – kinda like a military court. Why does law enforcement hold back?





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