Up Your Alley/Dore Weekend Party Guide 2019

Welcome to the Dore 2019 party guide! (Looking for the most recent guides? Here they are: Folsom Street Fair party guide · Dore/Up Your Alley party guide)

At a glance grid:

Yellow indicates the events we are probably going to and is by no means at all a comment on the quality of the other events. With Dore and Folsom, the city’s top producers, DJs, designers, and queer denizens roll out the red carpet to show you how we do things in this crazy libertine town. You’ll have a great weekend attending everything – or nothing but the fair.

Up Your Alley? Dore? Dore Alley?

Yes, it’s true. The weekend is named for the street fair that takes place on Sunday. Most people just call it “Dore.” Rhymes with whore-y. Named for the street intersection the fair is oriented around, Dore Alley and Folsom Street.

Proper usage:

  • “Are you and the pups coming for Dore?”
  • “Which parties are you and your Sir going to for Dore?”
  • “Will you and your husband be playing separate for Up Your Alley weekend?”
  • “Are you ready to hoe it up for Up Your Allley?”
  • “Do you think that piece of shit Aaron Schock will show up at Dore this year? She betta wear a pup mask.”

The weekend of events is anchored by Sunday’s Up Your Alley street fair, which celebrates gay kink and leather culture, produced by the Folsom Street Events organization. They also produce the Folsom Street Fair in September which is an even bigger event and bigger weekend. The difference between the two? Up Your Alley weekend is usually described as a bit kinkier/nastier, more gay male centric, and attended by more locals. You’ll have fewer tourists who are there to watch rather than participate.

But there’s a lot more there there than just the fair .

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