It is Wednesday. I’m having lunch downtown today with one of my old coaching buddies. I’m going to be doing a presentation on Andrea and Tina’s behalf in March so I got re-connected with Meg while we were planning all of that stuff.

FINALLY got the ecommerce problems figured out with my bank and merchant account. Basically, the ecommerce company didn’t really remove the hold on my account that they said they had 2 months ago and so everything was just piling. I spent all of last week chasing the problem. I finally resorted to a bitter email to their help department with the subject line ‘Account on Hold for 6 Weeks and No One Seems to Care!’ The president of the company called me – afterhours. He was very cordial and concerned and even asked why I’d waited so long to follow-up. He said most customers would be ringing the phone within a day. I told him I’ve done tech support before and know that everything usually takes longer than expected and that I’ve been on the receiving end of customer rage before and knew that didn’t get much accomplished. It turned out for the best: he featured my business in his newsletter, got my account fixed and was totally impressed with my website and wants to keep in touch. Definitely a lemonade from lemons arrangement. The funds hit my Citibank account yesterday so I am feeling much better about things.

I am extraordinarily busy right now. I’ve got client work that is in fits and starts and sometimes crowds out the business-building activities. I think about the book’s marketing 24 hours a day lately. I am not taking the best care of my health lately. I think it is a delusion that you can ‘just hurry up for this week and get everything done and then next week we can rest.’ It is a neverending cycle. And I’m not even on the burn-out path I would have been on a few years ago. I just feel like there is no break. I feel guilty for not working on the book, I feel guilty for not spending more time with Ron, I feel guilty for not finishing client work, I feel guilty for not getting to the gym enough. And I know if I was going to get all Eckhardt Tolle it would be ‘You can only be here right now doing exactly what you’re doing.’ Blar blah-blar blar.

I think everybody is this busy. I think everyone has the big fear that nothing gets done between Thanksgiving and New Years so they are all in a rush to finish everthing.

I am looking forward to the coaching conference next week. I am going to treat it as a vacation. Ron can’t go unfortunately but it might be nice to have extended alone time – even at the expense of attending every single event at the conference.

Still need to buy a microwave. I think that is the silver bullet for me health-wise. If I can cook for several hours on Sundays and then heat up throughout the week, I’ll have a much better handle on my eating.hi






5 responses to “Overwhelm”

  1. Tim of the Tims Avatar

    Can i make you feel guilty for not using me as a vendor? (Evil grin)

  2. sis Avatar

    As a massage therapist, I can tell you with certainty that EVERYONE feels that way, and contrary to actual belief, quite a bit of work gets done between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it makes for stressful holidays with the extra stuff all added in there for the holidays. Everyone’s all torqued up in Dec! My suggestion: get a massage and/or have a drink with your kitty next to you!

  3. Fr.John Avatar

    Be aware that when you are over taxed you will get sick…………..play .and discover the newness of you…SARK!!!!!

  4. Beastmomma Avatar

    Phew– I hope that it all comes together. I hope that microwaving improves your life.

  5. David Avatar

    Andy, I would be more then happy to attend the conference as your ‘beard’.

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