Power outage on the north side. I think my stereo blew out. Or just the fuse. The thing’s old anyway – I mostly use it as an amp for the computer – the 3-CD player doesn’t work and I don’t play MiniDiscs with it anymore and the radio antennae doesn’t get reception since I’m halfway underground.

Computer blew up again a couple days ago. Probably just going to go to Best Buy and buy their $400-500 Acer desktop. I don’t need to buy a new display. No reason to shell out mega for a Sony desktop when nobody is going to see it (and I still can’t afford the Hoojum Cubit).

Starting to sneeze. Lots of stuff blooming. The tulips all over are beautiful and there’s lots of flowering trees.

I’ve decided I want to live on Briar Street. It has mostly four-story apartment buildings. But it’s the trees. The trees are all matured and tower over you and sway in the wind. The street breaks right before the Blue Man Group theatre so there’s never any through traffic and noise is minimal. Yuppie heaven. Now all I need is a gated community.

I’ve noticed that. Many of the newer condo buildings going up lack a front entrance and so have a very fortress-like appearance. This fits in with the Hummer and SUV and Cruiser crowd (that is, Americans preffering intimidating cars that make them feel protected).

Found out one of the guys at the gym had a nosejob. Or at least it’s a rumor. Which explains why this Vietnamese guy has the whole Anglo nose going on. Other rumor is pectoral implants – that I’m less likely to believe. Ron says he’ll look for scars.

That fantastic blogging and business opportunity I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago is heating up again and might become a tangible gig in mid-May.

We switched over to a super-fast intranet at work this week. The code is from the early 1990s and was designed to run on slow servers so it runs on our souped up boxes at lightning speed. A huge difference from our previous turtle-paced Zope-based system.






3 responses to “Outage”

  1. Richard Avatar

    A power surge destroyed my doorbell a few years ago. When I came home it was ringing and ringing. The stereo had alway turned on and started playing a stack of CDs. Was a bit spooky.

    I remember watching some fantasy adventure TV show where you could tell the guy had ab implants. Watching his ‘six pack’ fall out of sync with the rest of his upper body was disturbing.

    Good God. Ab implants? If I was going to drop the cash I’d just get the abdominal etching – sort of like lipo but with carving.

  2. Matthew Avatar

    WOW, lots of stuff going on. Damn, I almost forgot how hectic and busy life was in the North 🙂

  3. Stairs Avatar

    Power outages are just about all I can remember of living in Chicago. I jest, of course, and I loved being there, but that city is one of the reasons I started using a laptop for my most important work – glad to see that some things never change.

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