Out of Sorts

Ron and I both feel slightly off lately.

You know how when you need to crack your back or have your vertebrae re-aligned and released… ? I feel like that in a life sense. It isn’t bad or depressing or negative. Nothing debilitating. Just a slight tension or misplacement that needs to slip into alignment.

Anybody else feel like that?






4 responses to “Out of Sorts”

  1. myke Avatar

    andy, i’d hazard to say that i’ve been feeling that way for several years. … nothing cataclysmic as you say …

    for me i think it’s a need to move on … and of course the end of winter gets me antsy for sunshine and shorts weather.

  2. Terrance Heath Avatar

    Yup. More often than not lately. Not sure what to do except wait for it to pass.

  3. Father John Avatar
    Father John

    May be a stop by your local Chapel might focus you the season at had………….Happy Easter!…….Hope lives in your heart…………

  4. Andreleyante Avatar

    oh yeh…sounds like more ascension symptoms to me…Have you picked up on the web..”What’s up Planet Earth??”Karen Bishop. Cracks my back when i need it. LOVE, Andrea

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