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In probably the smoothest event of being outed ever – I was officially homosexualized to the sister of my one of my best friends from high school. I haven’t really ‘come out’ to most of the kids I went to high school with. I figure they’ll figure it out when I show up at a reunion with children and a husband.

He was my total best buddy and I loved him dearly and we were both always in plays together – he jumped/fell from a bridge after his first year in college. I’ve written about this before – I have never felt such deep grief. It was like having your guts sliced open and pouring on the floor. I felt like I was vomiting pain.

Anyway, I’d run into her at Hollywood Beach two years ago but lost her phone number.

So Ron and I are sitting at Sidetrack last night (showtunes night). And this girl comes up to me and says: ‘Andy’? And it takes me a few moments to recognize her. I was so happy to see her. And so very very happy to see that she is doing well. I was worried that she’s implode after her brother’s death (and other family turbulence). But she’s in Chicago and happily living in Rogers Park and she looks great. She was the gawky little sister when we were all in high school and it is so fantastic to see she’s turned into a young vibrant woman with long curly hair. So I introduced Ron as ‘my boyrfriend’ – and so was able to divert the G word. Like she would be phased – she’s still doing plays and she’s sitting there in Sidetrack.

The highlight of last night was a video mix of Mommie Dearest capped with a music video incorporating clips from the film and Abba’s ‘Mamma Mia’. It was hysterically funny. Especially when Christina Crawford says Because I am not one of your fans! and the video mix parked on the vowel in fans for a good 20 seconds. So funny.






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  1. Jef Avatar

    Andy, that’s so sad. My best friend I grew up with was murdered so I can understand some of what you feel, but not completely.

    Sometimes I really miss Kent and want to hear him impersonate Carol Channing singing “Let’s Hear It For The Boy, Let’s give the boy a ha-aaa-and.”

    Sometimes Kent comes to me in my dreams and sometimes I just feel his presence. I know it sounds crazy, but I know it’s him.

  2. andrew Avatar

    You’re a good writer. You could write his biography. It would be a form of memorial.

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