One Day All 7 Will Die

It has been many many weeks since I updated this here journal. Much has been happening.

Ron and I are going to clock in at nine months in a week or so. It’s pretty crazy if you ask me. Never would’ve thought I’d have a boyfriend, much less have one for nine months. Everyone assumes that we’re living together when we tell them how long we’ve been dating. I think that’s just nuts. Why the hell would I enter into any kind of lease agreement with only nine months under our collective belts? He is supposed to go on vacation with the family and I in a couple of weeks which I think will be just fine. I’ll probably put a bottle of Xanax on the kitchen table of the beach house just in case. But everybody loves Ron so I don’t know why mom and dad wouldn’t – except for the whole you-are-intimately-involved-with-my-son thing. Ah well. He’s been working weekends so I have had a lot of time to myself lately and that has been wonderful. I find myself very intolerant of people lately – I go out with friends and I just really don’t care to hear the same old whining that we’ve all been doing for years.

I started teaching my first teleclass on Thursday and jump back in tonight. I’m teaching it on Dreamweaver. This is a free pilot and then I plan to add two sections for pay in July. It’s fun – a few technical hiccups on Thursday but I think tonight will go much much better. My goal is to gradually replace the corporate gig with teleclasses and coaching.

I find that when designing these classes that I have a propensity to create stuff that’s already been created and tested. Like with this Dreamweaver class I went out and bought three books no it and then distilled things into what I thought I should be teaching. Instead of just saying – okay, we’ll cover chapter 3 of this book in session 2 and chapter 4 and 5 of that book in session 3. I try to remember what my co-worker Laurie always says: stop creating new stuff – reframe what’s already there. Great input for many of life’s arenas, eh? I get so stuck no creating something new and that’s mine that I forget that I can just remix what’s already tried and true.

I also find myself becoming more politically aware and pissed off at the state of the world I live in. I’ve started recycling because I see how much paper I was throwing away everyday – I haven’t taken the trash out in nearly a week now. I try to be mindful of turning the computer and stereo off before I leave the house. I installed Suse Linux on my computer as an alternative boot. I grow increasingly enraged at the bullshit called our government. If I here Bush say – ‘NYOO-KYOO-LER’ one more time, I think I’m gonna lose it. The recent revelations that they might have known what was going to happen – to some extent, at least – is truly chilling and the reports on heavy insider trading of United and American stock are rotten to the core.

My diet has shaped up a lot as well. Trying to cut the breads which is easy to do at home – harder when I’m out with friends. It is funny how if you actually eat well and spread out meals throughout the day – I’m a much nicer person. Ron says I’m looking leaner and it is rewarding to see my body respond to the workouts I’ve been doing. Need to do another round of measurements and take some pictures.

I bought rollerblades and have been out twice now in the parking lot of the school a couple of blocks away from home. I am concerned that I can’t stop very quickly. I want to be the badass on wheels skating down Clark to the gym – but for now I’m just circling in the parking lot.

As is with my music listening habits – I get in a rut and then burn it out before moving on to something else. Currently it’s Prince. I have to listen to Seven, Let’s Go Crazy, Scarlet Pussy, Gett Off, The Pope, 200 Balloons, Sexy M. F. and Undisputed constantly. More than anything, I admire Prince’s constant output – that he is always creating and always recording. And the bass lines of his songs are awesome – especially on Seven and Gett Off. And I didn’t know that in Let’s Go Crazy they are really say: ‘Let’s go crazy, let’s get nuts. Let’s look for the purple banana ’til they put us in the truck.’

I got a performance award at work. I think it was something like, ‘committment to customer-focus and not choking the shit out of any vendor reps.’ I am constantly amazed at how incompetent some of these fucks are – makign $200 an hour and they can’t communicate for shit or have any sort of foresight. The system I’m the admin on at work is a daily hassle with courseware that doesn’t work, or launch or retain student progress or grades. It is very frustrating because the ‘big-picture’ pukes that dream up these systems don’t have to get the support calls that I do where employees are beyond frustrated and venting their problems to me. I’m tired of being the goddamned punching bag.

Ron had a passenger who was on his cellphone as the plane was landing in Chicago. The lady next to him was freaking out. Ron asked the guy to get off the phone and was ignored. Ron said, ‘If you don’t get off the phone, I’ll have to call security.’ ‘I’d like to see you try,’ the yuppie snapped back. Wrong thing to say – as all the blood rushed into Ron’s head and he called security on the ground and sure enough – there were four security officers waiting at the gate when they landed. The guy was panicky and said, ‘I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.’ Ron said, ‘I tried.’ If the guy wasn’t white you know the passengers would have choked him down to the ground. He also had to talk a lady through a landing earlier in the day as she fritzed out over being in the air. This makes me realize how miniscule my fits are when Ron is watching me have them.

Ah, just got back from getting my haircut – nothing makes me feel better than getting the hairs nice and short. I think I’ll shave my head when I quit corporate america. Be all white gang and all…

Ron and I saw Y Tu Mama Tambien this weekend – great film… so nice to see such horned up sexuality on the screen. I didn’t feel like it was the major masteripiece – maybe from the perspective of Mexican cinema it is… but it was still a great movie.

Cool quote from Metafilter:

‘i have to say that a good part of the reason that i watch so little TV, and that i am increasingly dropping out of “pop culture”, is that i’m so totally disgusted with the people who put these ads on in the first place. these companies are horrible monstrosities. so horrible that they really make me wonder if capitalism is survivable… they want to create legions of unthinking consumers who will burn resources at an unsustainable rate. they want to interrupt us anytime anywhere as if our time had no real value and then keep us on hold indefinitely when their products fail. they want to bombard us and insult us with badly targeted advertising. they want to corner markets and jack prices up beyond all reason. and they couldn’t care less who or what gets hurt… i’ll just hit mute until the revolution comes.






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