Okay – I don't know

Okay – I don’t know a huge lot about finance and economics but it seems like the biggest driver of our current economic bullshit is hubris. That’s pride for you illiterates out there. I just read about the huge layoffs at Razorfish. Seems they had a lot of arrogance about their soft-knowledge work and other ephemera. I guess they didn’t realize that the people you insult and stomp on on your way up are the once that stomp you on the way down. Companies are desperately repackaging their bullshit to try and stay in the game – always trying to stay one paradigm ahead of their clients. All the magazines started to promote and sell all these new ideas are gonna take a nosedive too. The media construct can’t support itself when the topic become everyday. Never ever underestimate the power of the rich to stay rich. And never underestimate the tunnel vision of eternal adolescence. The party’s not over. It’s just moved. There’s still dickloads of money to be made.

I admit the Apple Mac G4 looks fucking amazing. But then you start putting all your cord into it for all your peripherals. Notice how they never show that in the ads?






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