Occupational Therapy

I just got off the phone with my friend Michael. His boss had called him and said that if they don’t sign a new client by the end of January he’ll be losing his job. The company he works for has halfed it’s headcount (down to about 11) and cut the budget in half in the past year. He’s trying to stay out of the initial panic stage for now – or get through the initial panic stage.

He has a background in HR systems and organizational development, the company he may be leaving is a world-class leader in developing elearning technologies for distributing to global companies (unfortunately they are just coming out of a product development cycle and don’t have signed clients for the new product). He also has an extensive background in blogging, web design and internet marketing. If anyone has any leads email me.

Part of me thinks that this would be a huge opportunity to do something totally different – change industries, change cities, change entire mindset. I told him I think he should look into becoming a dominant. He could do that ‘young priest that beats you’ motif – he can be a pretty angry person. Another part of me says chuck it all and go to Sri Linka and help out with the tsunami. He’d love to work for an organization like the ACLU, Doctors Without Borders or Amnesty International.

Plus, there’s always porn. I think he’d like to blend his politically active themes with some good old fashioned erotica. If only escorting didn’t include possible STDs or kidnapping or putting the lotion in the basket.






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  1. D Avatar

    Whatever you give out to the universe you receive back ten fold. Old sage wisdom ahs stood the test of time. Tell your firned to look deep within him and ask what legacy does he want. We are all dust in the wind, we can moe to the next stage of our awareness inseconds. The world will still turn. Starbucks will still sell coffee and teh hungry and naked will still look for some meaning in their life. Good luck on this choice. We know we will let the universe pull him to a new level of awareness. Peace and Love.

  2. Anxiety Therapy Interestee Avatar

    I often think that therapists in other “genres” should be more aware of factors like occupation and the role it plays in causing/exacerbating “mental illness.” I know that entering the teaching profession radically changed my personality, and probably gave me “symptoms” of mental illness…

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