‘O' as in All The World

Sitting here on the red line stuck at Addison. Evidently last night’s rains caused a lot of flooding so all of the trains are running on just one track – what a crapfest… oh well – at least I’ll be late for the meeting that I don’t want to go to. Tomorrow I go to O’Hare to alternately pick up Ron flying back from Milwaukee and also get the Dodge Caravan we’re driving down to Indiana. I need to remember to print out a map as well. I know that once I’m on 65 it’s a straight shot but I don’t remember if there’s any un-obviousness on the way there.

“This is ride 809 and from what I can see all of the trains are using the same track and one side of the platform.”

The best part of Crossroads was when the glamgirl goes to see her boyfriend and as we all know – it will be revealed that he has another girlfriend – but a second and better revelation cause Brigitte to utter: ‘the pregnant chick is gonna fall down the stairs and lose her baby.’ And sure enough within 30 seconds there she goes… Mimi tumbles down the stairs – along with a slo-mo shot of her symbolic globe keychain bouncing down the stairs. “Andy, there goes her world! There goes her world!” We are howling with laughter by now.

Next Monday we have the meeting to decide what my part-time hours are going to be. Unfortunately ________ gets to have a say – so I’m sure she’ll want something unreasonable like coming in and working every other hour at my desk and then every other hour on my own stuff in a conference room. I’m going to lobby for Tuesday through Thursday. Monday-Wednesday-Friday is gonna do nothing different for me. Monday is always triage and Friday nobody is ever here. And they’re just going to expect me to check my email and voicemail on Tuesday and Thursday. I’m not going to do that. There’s a certain amount of obnoxiousness I’m going to have to put forth in this effort to ensure that part-time really does mean part-time. Mike, one of our vendors, took me out to lunch yesterday and he asked me what was the best and the worst part of the department where I worked. I have decided that if I ever go full-time again that I’m not going to reveal so early on the breadth of abilities I have. Becsue people will continue to push the boundaries bit by bit and before you know it you’re admin for 8 different systems, doing user testing and running a help desk and receiving the bile of disgruntled employees on a daily basis.






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