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Here at the coffeshop working on my teleclass scripts. I really crashed hard this week – I think it is from Ron’s being sick and spending the night and snoring. Snoring drives me up a fall and alternately down a hole – I feel angry that my slumber is beinhg interrupted bby someone else’s exhalations and angry that I’m letting it get to me and why can’t I just calm down and go to sleep. This has always been an issue for me. As my mom would say, ‘Honey, you’re all ate up!’

I ended up not sleeping very well on Tuesday night so I was up at 4 and to the gym at 5:30. I had a really good workout. Since my right shoulder is still a little weak feeling I am trying to find exercises which don’t stress it out. Lateral shoulder raise remains my favorite exercise of all time. I think because I have big shoulders that respond quick to weight training.

Anyway I came home last night and slept for 12 hours and then came home today after noon and slept until 6. The days getting shorter is also starting to take it’s effect. I woke up at 6 and it was so dark, I thought it was 9 or so. But I’m here now. I’m using Bill’s book as a guide for my class I’m putting together on Excel. The goal is to eventually have one for all of the MS Office suite and then evnetually adapt that to OpenOffice and StarOffice as well.

Had lunch today with John and we were bemoaning our work situations. They keep telling him how valuable he is to the company but they haven’t yet decided to bring him from temp to full-timer. Then I’m holding out for this bonus that they say I am getting at the end of the month. I need to make sure that that is still on it’s way. My God, if they said that I wasn’t getting it. I would flip out big-time.

Coaching with my one client this week I re-realized the need to have a lot more fun in my day. I try to ‘get into my day’ and take everything with grains of salt. I loved being up at 4 in the morning and to the gym at 5:30. Everything is so cleared and clean and the day is before you like a patient etherized upon a table.

The ergoN******cs guy came in yesterday to evaluate Teresa’s workspace. It was funny that as soon as we knew he was coming we all start sitting up straight and holding the phones with our hands instead of with our neck and jaw.






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    Cool, let us know how it goes when you do the adaption.

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