No Pictures, Please

I left the building a couple days ago to go pay rent and I’m walking down the street, minding my own business and a car horn honks and I hear: ANDY! ANDY!

I walk over to the car where there’s two guys I’ve never met before.

We thought it was you!

They’re fans of my podcast. One of them lives just down the block.

That totally blows my mind. That’s the second time I’ve been recognized in the hood.






5 responses to “No Pictures, Please”

  1. David Avatar

    Wait until they recognize you in the gym locker room.

  2. Brooks Avatar

    Yikes. That’ll cause some shrinkage.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Actually a guy tried to pick me up in the gym today. We’d passed eachother on the street every day this week – me going to the gym, him coming from. Today we synced up at the same time. Turns out he’s an actor that knows my buddy Matt.

  4. moby Avatar

    I wanna be Andy when I grow up.

  5. Dick Avatar

    Yes, that’s me the Dick. I do live very close to the great Andy. So stalking made easy for me. What nonsense, you need to post more pictures!!!! That way I don’t have to doubt my decision to scream out your name. I was 50/50 about it, but my friend decided to do it anyway. Thank god it was you, otherwise people must think we are some crazy homosensuals trying to pick up Andy on the street corner.

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