No New Gym

Ron and I had been toying with the idea of joining a different gym and hiring a personal trainer. We toured Chicago Sweatshop. Once we came home and did the math we realized it was going to cost us each a total of $1400 each for a six month membership and have 1 training session together each week. Yikes! We’ll stick with Ballys. But he showed me how to login and check his schedule so I can better see when we should plan our workouts together during the week – and I made him swear we would not go during peak hours (I get really impatient waiting for socialite gymbunnies to finish on equipment).

Can you imagine if humans purred? That you were so content and happy that your body just couldn’t hide it? That you vibrated with your own happiness? I love that I come in the door and kitty is asleep on the bed (he refuses his kitty-bed) and he has started purring before I even enter the room.






5 responses to “No New Gym”

  1. djhinn Avatar

    I purr 😉 when im happy.

    Damn, I could never afford a gym membership. Ill stick to sit ups and pushups.

  2. Gigamatt Avatar

    My old gym membership (with 2 half-hour sessions with a trainer each week) was … $1456 for 6 months … OUCH. Ok, I just realized how much extra cash I was spending, just to have someone there to motivate me. I should be ashamed.

  3. Andy Avatar

    I just weighed my annoying delay at getting my butt back in gear against the money and realized I don’t need to pay that much to have someone motivate me. I’ve already got a coach for that.

  4. palochi Avatar

    $1400 for six months isn’t really all that insane. I’ve been looking at Cheetah for a similar situation with a trainer who deals with specific issues (a seriously messed up shoulder that’s been through surgery and stuff). However, do you reallly think you’ll need a trainer every week? Especially after the first 6-8 sessions?

    As for purring… yeah, I’m a purr-er here too. Or maybe it’s growling. 🙂

  5. pk Avatar

    try x-sport on ashland and school, by the whole foods. i like the place: approx. $500 for 13 months (disclaimer: i have no idea what it would be for tanning as well if you’re prone to such things. my family’s irish and pasty, so i’ve never been into it).i believe i rememebr my first year being that price for 15 months since i paid up front. the place is 24 hours, which i love. sometimes you just need to run at 2AM.

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