Nike Publishes Report on Factory Abuses

Between 25% and 50% of the factories in the region restrict access to toilets and drinking water during the workday. The same percentage deny workers at least one day off in seven. In more than half of Nike’s factories, the report said, employees worked more than 60 hours a day. In up to 25%, workers refusing to do overtime were punished. Wages were also below the legal minimum at up to 25% of factories.

Go Tiger Woods!






3 responses to “Nike Publishes Report on Factory Abuses”

  1. David Avatar

    At least they have jobs…,Jeez! There’s no pleasing you, Andy.

  2. palochi Avatar

    Who has time to use the bathroom at work a lot?

    When was the last time you could tell your boss, “I just can’t stay late to finish this project?”

    And I work at least 60 hours in day.

    Sheesh… needy, needy, needy.

  3. Brad Avatar

    It’s 2005 baby, adult diapers are everywhere. What’s the big deal? Throw one on, clock in and make me some tee’s, damn-it. OK, maybe 60 hours a day is a bit much… and I thought I worked a lot.

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