Need for Seed

Geekslut writes:

Seed is a gift, it’s love, it’s acceptance. Taking a man’s cum [in your ass, down your throat, rubbed into your skin – whatever], even if you don’t know his name, is closeness. It’s an act of love and trust. Even if yawl just met! Both the bottom and the top walk away smiling… and content. Now it’s a sleazy affair that boys get cracked out of their minds for. Like it’s an embarrassing nasty secret thing to want. This is so fucked.

Until we faggots realize this, understand that this need lives deep in our psyche. Until we stop condemning those who swing their butts in the air with desire. The need for seed will remain a kink. Crystal will rampage. And HIV will never stop.

To equate a physical acceptance of fluids as more than just that seems a little overblown. I don’t think crystal meth is a problem because gay men are addicted to semen – I think it’s like any drug – it helps you transcend the shitty life you feel you’re stuck in. Reckless behavior is not a mandate – it’s not an identity – and it’s nothing to build a ‘community’ on. But you know me – I have no interest in drugs (also labeled ‘partying’ to make it seem more fun) so this is probably the wrong topic for me.






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