Multi-State Voter Fraud Funded by the Republican National Convention

This is just diseased:

[L]inks which all seem to point to the same company that is suspected of tearing up Democratic voter registration forms in Las Vegas. It has set up registration drives in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida and Nevada and is accused of the same things in most if not all of these states. Sproul & Associates is a Republican consulting firm run by Nathan Sproul, former head of the Arizona Republican party and Arizona Christian Coalition.

And further research points to the RNC funding this.

Google News cloud. as the story develops (or decays).






One response to “Multi-State Voter Fraud Funded by the Republican National Convention”

  1. Bingo Avatar

    Crazy yo!
    What are these people so afraid of? If they really believe that there side is the best then they should really trust the voters to see that too.
    Even though I have my own personal views of what I think should be done I am still an extremely strong believer that democracy works best through the conflict of ideas. One should never be afraid of voters from the other side but let them test your ideals- if you are right then your ideas will be able to withstand any scrutiny, and if they don’t maybe it is time to revaluate.

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