Natch Adams

Does anyone else mentally trip over the word natch everytime they see it? It is supposed to mean ‘of course’ but isn’t that implied in any written statement? Of course I mean something – I’m saying it. It’s sort of like how I notice I weaken my own spoken and written language by qualifying things with ‘I think’ or ‘I feel’ – that when you liberally pre-qualify your statements and feelings then you’re being a touch passive-agressive. Of course it’s what I think – that’s why I’m saying it. I also hate the use of the statement sic and n?e. A clumsy ‘[sic]’ always makes me go back and try and find the mistake of the quoted source – it interrupts my flow. They just seem like words that Vanity Fair uses to appear continental. It’s some kind of je ne sais quoi. I also hate Ibid when used in a text stream – footnotes is fine – but again, it’s a reflexive device that makes me go back and re-evaluate what I’m reading.






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