Nashville Man Crashes Into Car Over Obama Sticker

I hate the idea of ‘road rage’ as this separate discipline aside from ‘people are just assholes’:

A Nashville man says he and his 10-year-old daughter were victims of road rage Thursday afternoon, all because of a political bumper sticker on his car. Mark Duren told News 2 the incident happened around 4:30p.m., while he was driving on Blair Boulevard, not far from Belmont University. He said Harry Weisiger gave him the bird and rammed into his vehicle, after noticing an Obama-Biden sticker on his car bumper. Duren had just picked up his 10-year-old daughter from school and had her in the car with him. Once he started driving again, down Blair Boulevard, towards his home, he said, “I looked in the rear view mirror again, and this same SUV was speeding, flying up behind me, bumped me.” Duren said he applied his brake and the SUV smashed into the back of his car. He then put his car in park to take care of the accident, but Weisiger started pushing the car using his SUV. Duren said, “He pushed my car up towards the sidewalk, almost onto the sidewalk.”

via Road rage, accident centers on Obama bumper sticker – WKRN, Nashville, Tennessee News, Weather, and Sports |.


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