My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss

I’m a big fan of comeuppance.

I think it’s from being an early fan of The Twilight Zone as well as being raised Catholic, a religion summed up with the phrase Just you wait, you’ll get yours.

And that is why I loved My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance. You see: I like seeing shallow, vaccuous assholes suffering. I loved seeing the bleach blond fake baked beeyatch being tortured by her ridiculously misbehaved faux fiance for a measley fortune. I like seeing people being tortured because they’re so greedy. Similarly, I’d enjoy seeing Kenneth Lay crawl through a big trough with his hands tied behind his back while picking up spare change with his teeth to pay his rent. But I can only dream.

And that is why I like My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. I’d much rather watch star-whoring over-achievers aspire to some false notion of celebrity or award than the real thing. I have trouble watching The Apprentice – I become absolutely hypnotized by Donald Trump’s hair which seems to defy the laws of physics and the simple, finite rules of hair care. And I swear I hear, faintly in the background, a stylist in the corner, clutching AquaNet and rocking herself in trauma.

I think the word I’m looking for is cringe-worthy. Ron and I sat there and cringed through the whole episode. It’s not like The Swan where they are really slicing and dicing up women’s bodies – this is just slicing and dicing up their egos. The show makes your skin crawl as the fake boss totally sexually harrasses the women of the team – and, in a clever balance, have the men of the team similarly leered at by the boss’s right-hand man (a debonair and handsome David Jahn – Ron already has a crush on him).

Good God – am I going to get sucked into another TV show now? And this is all before 24 has even started!

I need to convert my old desktop into a MythTV box.






15 responses to “My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss”

  1. Jenna Avatar

    I’m also HOOKED on My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. I just love the characters and enjoy watching the contestants get played with!

  2. Paula Avatar

    These people are so incredibly stupid that they deserve to be humiliated. Apparently, none of them have ever read a book, or they would have known that King Arthur was a fictional character, and therefore, “Excalibur” could not exist. If only one of them had picked up on that, the whole scam woud have been over.

  3. Bill Avatar

    “Ron and I sat ‘their’”?? The correct word is “THERE”. Location, not posssessive.

  4. Michelle Avatar

    Any thoughts as to who the “real” boss is going to be? I believe, and have for some time now, that the shots are being called by a chimpanzee. All a chimp would have to do is point to pictures of contestants to indicate who should stay or go.

  5. Tanner Avatar

    I think the “real” boss is gonna be Trump, or Mr. Todd’s wife.

  6. Carolyn Avatar

    Regarding who the boss is, I too have thought it might be a chimp. Alternatively, my husband and I have toyed with the idea that it is a chicken pecking at photos of the contestants and/or a 6 – 9 mos. old baby drooling on photos. But, more importantly, when is the show coming back on? I have heard rumors that it is now indefinitely on hiatus. Does anyone know anything about this? They can’t leave us hanging — I want to see the bitter disappointment felt by all when they realize this is all a hoax.

  7.  Avatar

    Yes-MBFOB is a Great Show- the excitement and joy I feel inside when you know someone is being tricked- priceless. I hope they show the final episodes!

  8. Stacy Avatar

    I miss MBFOB and think it stinks that Fox would pull it before we can find out the ending! I went to the website and it says it will be coming soon to the internet. I don’t understand! Let it run its course, despite the ratings!

  9. caroline Avatar

    can anyone tell me where to find the unaired episodes of my fat obnoxious boss on the internet?
    i would love to watch them.

    thank you

  10. Diane Avatar

    Hi, just wondering if you ever found the Obnoxious episodes on the web? Thanks

  11. Allan Siew Avatar

    Yes, these people really believe in him. If I was them I would also probably believe it. But not to the extreme of believing the King Arthur sword!!!

  12. ain Avatar

    i just love to watch this show…it was so fantastic….i love the casts especially david… i think he shouldn’t be eliminated…damian was wrong to eliminated him out…….i think he was the most a great casts and he does his mission well…..and more or less….he is handsome….i just love it….i was so sad to know that he was out….. damian should not be the boss next time…..although he doesn’t being bias…but stilll his decision is wrong…. to me, …michael shoulb be out instead of david…….he doesn’t do his job properly at the last challenge though….anyway i still love the show

  13. ain Avatar

    you think so too huh?! i was wondering too who is gonna be the boss….but i have confident that it maybe someone that we know in the show… who know’s…

  14. ain Avatar

    hey anybody knows th web of this show photos gallery… i would love to view them…thanks

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