My best friend Kate turned

My best friend Kate turned 26 today. She and I first met in high school health class where we’d count the number of times the teacher would say the word ‘goofy.’ (“fallopian tubes are kinda goofy y’all… duodenum is a goofy word…”) We first bonded as Twin Peaks freaks. I think I’ll always have a crush on her but after repeated invitations to love, I remain a friend – though I like to tell her she drove me to date men. She’s dating a cool guy right now that I teased her was cruising me at a recent wedding. I hope he gives her some oral sex real soon. I think I just heard Kate’s jaw drop open. I called her this morning and her breakfast consisted of pizza, cake, a coke and some green tea. Right, Kate. Detox your byoosed ass! I think she was the first friend to being a long tradition of terrorizing eachother through email and telephone – sending hate mail and just merciless ribbing. We’re all excited because the popular kids all have crows feet. We both want to start Retin-A. She is also the only person I know that demands white cake at all times. She’s also obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. She’s always falling into ho’s. Oh I mean holes. Happy Birthday my bonny-Kate. I love you.

Setting up a blog for my actors to use as a journal during our process. I’ve spent this morning preparing all sorts of literature for them to read and think about. I’m gonna bomb them with paper on Friday. They better get ready!

Had a smoked turkey sandwich for lunch today – the best part was it had fresh basil leaves on it. I think that that makes my whole day. A little zing. A little zang.

Going to the gym tonight. Then I have to come home and clean the house for our kick-off party on Friday night. Meeting with what might turn into a big big web design account on Saturday afternoon.

I was realizing this morning the number of projects I’ve got spinning around right now. A website for an actress, one for a non-profit, a nightclub I’m creative consulting for, my adult website stuff, my plays in March, my play in July, a weblog – not to mention a day job, a social life and a fitness regimen. Mom and dad suggested I schedule a week-long retreat after Antigone closes. I want to go to Prague. That would so fucking rock! Or New Mexico – some where out in the desert – nobody to bother me or get in my face. Just a week away – disconnected and turned off. That would rock.

Brigitte and I got manicures last night. That was fun. I’d never had one before. Sorta relaxing. Though I did get excited about the pedicure chairs – they have tubs at the foot to soak your feet in. Mierka told me to find a place with Korean chicks. The best part was the big Buddha on a shelf next to a week-old coffee cup.






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