My advice to everybody today.

My advice to everybody today. Register your domains. I’ve been using ‘bi-next-door’ for an email address at Hotmail for about a year now and I think (?) I was the first person to ever come up with that. Now I see lots of ‘bi-next-door’s on the net as usernames and emails. So I go to register my .com: was already taken. Luckily was not. So I snagged it over at Dotster. I did bulk registration of some domains for myself, my friends and my clients and it was really really easy. So I tell you now – get those domains registered! So I’ll be moving this log over to ‘’ in the next few weeks so git ready.

Note to self: don’t chew gum while dancing. Because you start chewing with the beat of the music and you will have a sore jaw the next day.

One of the must useful things I’ve gotten off the net: WeatherBug.

Had a brief anxious moment as I came home last night. Came off the train and went down the stairs from the platform to the street. Four guys standing in the stairwell talking shit. I avert eye contact and keep walking. ‘Hey man, you straight?’ one of them asks. ‘Yeah,’ I reply. ‘K then.’ I keep walking down. They are talking stupid shit and I crack a small smile. ‘Fuck you smiling at?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘You better watch your fucking smile motherfucker.’ I made it out the turnstiles and hauled ass home. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal but I felt slightly threatened – not because of who I date but because I was alone in a train stop stairwell at 5 in the morning with four hoodlums. Next time I take the taxi.

Alan had a great time at Circuit and shook his sweet sweet ass. Jessi made him promise that if he hooked up with anybody he had to bring them home and share.

Had lunch with Mary – one of my old acting profs that was in town to see Brian in Ghosts. A bunch of us ate at Cafe Zinc on Southport. The pate wasn’t all that. The sandwiche du poulet was good though. Then I went to meet a web design client who stood me up. Bastards! Then Karen and I went traipsing for her New Balance shoes and my manpurse/thatchel asipiration. The shoes were bought but I still didn’t find the proper manpurse. I guess I could have bought this Diesel one for $50 but that just gives me the consumerist willies. Maybe I’m cheap. I just can’t pay that much for something without a lithium battery and a USB port. Then we had dinner at Buca di Beppo for Olivia’s birthday. We were in a huge room with four other huge parties and the din was deafening. But we ate. And ate. I threw back a lemoncello shot with Lingo frat-boy style.

Oh and by the way – Karen and I are bringing back the ‘whack-off’ gesture. You know you put your right hand around an imaginary dick and whack it as if to say ‘this is so interesting to me that I must masturbate to register a pulse.’ So if you see the ‘whack-off’ gesture coming back you’ll know why. And I’m hoping since this blog is reaching so many people all over the country/world that we can have a pretty successful revival of the ‘whack-off’ gesture.

The other gesture you should know is The Shocker. You put on hand out – fingers together – with your ring finger on your palm. You usually say something like ‘yeeeeeeeeeeeeaah bitch!’ as you’re doing it too. The Shocker is a hand position (purported) to be used to stimulate a womans anus (pinky), vagina (index and middle finger) and clit (thumb) all at the same time. The best is when you put both hands together and make the Mega-Shocker. Lingo has vowed to have it in Bruises (she’s playing Mitzi). She’s like: ‘We’re GONNA GET JILL. YEEEEEEE-EEEEEEE-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!’ We have way too much fun sober. I mean goddamn – we’re mid-20s and we’re doing the same fucking crap we were doing in college except now we all have dayjobs and no homework.

Got out of Buca’s and went up to Jessi and Alans where we changed to go dancing and played with their cats, Robin and Rugby. Then Alan and I took the train to my place and ______ picked us up and we went to Circuit till about 3am. Alan and I had a good breakfast at Nookie’s and then took the train home.

I’m off to get massaged – bring da pain!






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