Moving Towards Realtime

Back home after dinner with Ron and Gilbert. Ron is going home to Milwaukee tomorrow and will be back Sunday night. I’ve already got my work load for tomorrow. I was noticing something the past few days: That since I don’t have any furniture, my default action is to work. Even when I watch the TV I am sitting in my work chair and can easily flip around and work on the computer. I think I’ve got some serious work/fun issues creeping up. It is hard to notice sometimes because if I have free time I’m usually tinkering with something on the computer.

Kitty is well. He had a smelly butt problem so I had to do some intervention with some toilet paper. Clipped his nails as well today – usually takes two sessions. I can get about 4 claws before he figures out what’s going on. Then I come back later and do his thumbs. Or what would be his thumbs. In the morning he wakes me up by sitting on my chest and slowly reaching towards my face and then pressing on my cheek – and staring. I’m not always sure what that means. When I come home from being away for a few hours we get to have the Joyful Reunion where he lays in my lap as his front paws alternate curling and flexing in joy.

Moods have been up and down all week. Had a small bout of food poisoning yesterday. I’d had a chicken salad at a restaurant and by the time I came home I had the sweats and knew it would have to be – um – expunged. Lots of digestive/food problems lately – what does that mean metaphorically? What can’t I stomach? Diet has been off the rails in a major way. I sometimes feel like I use food to punish myself. That I’ll reinforce negative feelings by eating a particularly fat-laden meal. But to invest food with that much power is sort of psycho anyway.

Workouts are hitting a plateau – I’ve been doing the 2-days on/2-days off for about a month now – might need to switch it up again.

Client work is all over the board. Trying to get the current batch out the door and paid up and settled as well as get the new business in the door and ready to go. Finally got the podcasting and blogging courses scheduled for July. Need to schedule everything else – keep most calls on Wednesdays so I can just count on making Wednesdays my busy day.

I just gave kitty a fresh box of litter. He gets so excited – like it is a sandbox or something. I think he’s trying to dig to China. His eyes are really big and he keeps running out of the box and across the apartment and then coming back to it again. Psycho.

I feel like this blog is languishing without more personal journal content from me. It seems that helps to counterbalance the political stuff. And that has always been my approach anyway – to show my internal world as juxtaposed against the macrocosm. God, somebody is smoking on the roof and I can smell their smoke from here. Sometimes I smell pot smoke.

I reflect on how much of my world has become virtual. My communications, my daily work, my news intake – most of my interaction everyday is via phone or IM. Realtime is usually Ron and I – I need to diversify that. I need to get my ass out of the house.






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  1. Maryam Avatar

    Andy-pandy…I know what you mean about the whole world being virtual. As soon as I spend a lot of time investing in a relationship here, the person up and moves or in other ways seems to weave themselves out of my life. It gets tiring and I sometimes wonder if each new relationship is worth all the effort only to potentially end up that way…but that would be me being a cynical bitch. (Ms. McRanty Grannypants!) I *am* glad we got to have a few real hugs and ftf chats at MSOCI back in February though!

    BTW, that smelly butt thing is the anal gland needing to be expressed. My girls sometimes have that too – yak! And they do the same thing with new litter. I’ve had to keep them cooped up in the house since we moved (they were free range kitties) as the neighborhood contains a genuine animal predator – a human (and I use that word advisedly) who puts out meat laced with antifreeze. Bastard deserves to be strung up but no one knows who it is. So, the girls are house-kitties now.

    In lovely hotel after amazing gourmet dinner and all husband can do is lie on his back and connect to wireless. So I’m having my shot, then the fire gets lit and the backgammon tournament commences!

    Wish we all lived just around the corner from each other sometimes. Wouldn’t that be just *grand*? Now if Scotty would only get a hurry on and develop that damned transporter…. 😉

    Hugs from the Hyatt..Maryam

  2. Dr.Feel Avatar

    Andy ,You have chose a vitural rabbit hole just like Alice in Wonderland.You are alost soul like in the movie Tron.You speed across the keyboard only to find your self in the mirror.Food I use the food to cover the pain of dealing with life.No drugs for me just burgers and fries.Get out of the house move in a different circle..Ron is always going home.Do you ever go together? Time for more and new friends….people that share the passion the theater.You have great insight and rage…where is the rage coming from? Where will it go.?It seems like melting down ice to get water..Release the rage and realize that energies need to be in a positive nature..take kitty and go for walk.Wlk to a park and watch the kids play and the young mother with the kids….You are #0 the most productive age for a young man…You-u need a vacation.from your problems-Babby Steps!!-Dr.Feel

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