Alan was able to help Ron and I move today so it all happened pretty fast. We almost fit it all into one van-load. But had to come back for a smattering of extra stuff. Phone line not working yet so I’m here at a cyber-cafe. DSL turns on Tuesday.






9 responses to “Moved.”

  1. dan Avatar

    NO girlly man here!!

  2. Matthew Avatar

    Glad to hear the move went ok.

  3. JC Avatar

    Hope your new place turns into a happy home.

  4. palochi Avatar

    Did you give basement guy a big kiss goodbye? 🙂

    Hope the new place is 1000 times better.

  5. mark Avatar

    Ah, friends who help move. I wouldn’t have survived the past 10 years without them. Glad it went well. Now when’s the housewarming?

    I’ll book my flight. 🙂

  6. Brechi Avatar

    good luck in your new place!

  7. J Avatar

    congratulations. here’s to wishing you many brilliant and splendid years ahead at your new abode. cheers!

  8. Rick Avatar

    Congrats on the move. Glad to hear you’re out of freaksville. Where are you now neighborhoodwise?

  9. Andy Avatar

    Barry/Pine Grove.

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