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More on the ‘scandal’ at the Brooklyn Museum of Art:

There’s nothing in “Yo Mama’s Last Supper” that’s intended to foment nasty attitudes toward or actions against Catholics. It doesn’t depict them as hateful or degenerate or evil or lazy or sexually incontinent. In fact, it doesn’t depict Catholics at all, since the Catholic Church didn’t even exist when the Last Supper is said to have occurred. (And since when do Catholics own the Last Supper, anyway?)

THANK YOU. The Catholic Church likes to think of itself as the one and only true church but fails to realize that it’s own invention is much later after Jesus’s time (if Jesus actually ever existed). When I was a kid back in the old Commodore 64 days there was a BBS for aetheists that I was fond of reading and contained an article titled The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors which proves once and for all that virgin births, immaculate conceptions, crucifixions and resurrections are really nothing new. If you really want to blow your own mind read the comparisons of Christ and the Hindu Krishna. I now have that circuit anthem in my head where the lady sings YOU’VE GOT TO BLOW YOUR OWN MIND. Giuliani is walking a thin line between Eden and police state. Part of the function of the arts is to remind us what provokes and force us to re-examine.

The gym this morning was pretty bare – no doubt all the partyboyz are still recovering from the aftermath of Fireball. I just don’t want to feel that good that bad you know? Maybe I’m just anti-fun. I’ll go sometime – if not just to see the theatrical set up of it all – ligthing and spacing and staging. One of the guys that was there (that didn’t go) was this huge beefy guy bodybuilder named Stash. I remember how intimidated I was originally by this massive muscular black man and then I started talking to him and he is sweet as candy. He comes in with all his gym stuff and a little cooler with a rainbow sticker on it. I love this city. I evidently hit a nerve when I asked Stash if he’d gone to the weekend’s events – and the irony that these events are for AIDS charities but seem to reinforce behavior counter to that cause – he put one hand up and said ‘bitch please’ and unleashed a rant. Whew. I forgot a clean pair of socks to wear to work so I had to buy some socks at Crunch. Shhh… don’t tell anyone that I’m wearing grey socks that say ‘SLOTH’ on them. I just couldn’t get myself to by the bright orange ones that said ‘WRATH’. That’s probably not appropriate in the workplace. Awaiting my temps. One of them is a really handsome mid-eastern guy named Hashim – he smells real good – trying to place his cologne.

And even if it is Catholic-bashing – SO WHAT? Like Catholics are some kind of underserved minority (so sayeth the white male middle-class urban professional). That’s offensive to the real minorities in this country. CHRIST! 🙂






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