More information on Bush's girlfriend's

More information on Bush’s girlfriend’s abortion in 1970.






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    After reading the new Salon article on the Bush abortion, I have read various online articles on the issue. I didn’t know that the woman’s name was known. I’ve followed up with some rudimentary research of my own. While some Web sites propagate the idea that Bush impregnated a 15 year old girl, Robin Lowman Garner was in fact born in or around 1947, so she was only about a year younger than Bush, who was born in 1946. (She’s said to be 57 now.)

    The husband of Robin Garner, Jerry Lee Garner, is also 57. They appear to have at least one child, Jerry Lee Garner, Jr., 28 years old, born about 1976, five years after the abortion.

    One Web site said the couple live in San Antonio, but databases list them as living in Bourne, TX, (northwest of San Antonio) and Corpus Christi, TX. So they presumably live in Bourne and have a vacation house in Corpus Christi. Larry Flynt referred to the woman living today in Corpus Christi in a house worth half a million dollars. Whether she lives in one such house, or two, it’s a little difficult to believe that the woman jumped from working as a cocktail waitress to living in fancy real estate simply on the salary of an FBI agent such as her husband.

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