monday, september 17

I must just be the surgery grandmaster – I had heard so many stories of tonsillectomies and things going really awfully – same thing with my wisdom teeth pulling that turned out to be a non-event. I was most nervous about the IV drip – it pinched just a little bit. I remember them wheeling me out of the recovery room and down the hall to the O.R. and then I remember waking up in post-op. My body seized in yawning stretches every few minutes for a while. Then somehow I was back in the recovery room with mom. When I was alone in post-op I tried talking. I could talk! Holy shit! I did some vocalises and was over-joyed to find that I could run my whole vocal range with very little trouble – even into falsetto. Mental note made to send the anesthesiologist a thank you note for such a non-invasive intubation. No nausea. 1/3 of a martini’s worth of dizziness. Basically it just feels really swollen when I swallow and it hurts to swallow if the pain medication is running out… I’m on a suspension of acetaminophen and another of amoxicillin. Came home and emailed everyone that I was just fine. Karen and Brigitte came over to visit – Karen brought me chocolate milk from Oberweis dairy – the best chocolate milk on the planet. Slept most of the afternoon. Was going to go back to bed an hour ago but started eating and now I’m sort of wired so we’ll see. I want to do things! I want to go out – ‘I’m not sick! I’m well! I want to sing….” (a la Monty Python’s Life of Brian? Or was it Holy Grail?). I was so worried about this and I don’t think it’s as traumatic as I thought it would be. I giggle to myself as I put on the hospital gown with my ass hanging out and when the nurse said the word ‘booties’ I wish Karen and Brigitte were there to giggle with me. My right ear hurts a bit – like I had some kind of stuff drip in my sinus while I was down. I was able to call dad and leave a message that I was alright. I was talking. I am so happy I can talk.

On other fronts, we had a wonderful closing night for Sinister… the actors were coked up and excited and the audience was howling with applause… loved when the actors come forward and do a dialogue collage, recap-ing ‘previously on Sinister’ and then at the end Karen B. says ‘And now the conclusion’ and the whole cast chimes in loudly and dramatically ‘of Sinister!’ And the audience went nuts. So rewarding. Went to Sylvie’s bar and hung out but knew I had a date with Ron around midnight. He got in from L.A. at 2 that afternoon – he’s got a small vacation for the next few days since United is going to cut their flight schedules down. We had dinner at… I can’t remember… shit, where did we eat? I can’t recall. Christ. We went to Caribou first, of course… then we went to eat at… damn. Oh! Cosi! We ate at Cosi! So I made my way to his place – his room-mates tease him mercilessly – it’s so funny. Gilbert calls me ‘Mr. September’ and I think I recorded that last week they assured me I was part of his Summer Collection. We went to Roscoe’s and danced for awhile. We do look so hot together, I will say that. And I loved knowing that people were watching us dance together and wanting to be us or be with us. This hunky smooth brown asian guy and his hunky white date, shirts off, sweat inter-mingling. eyes interlocked, hips in unison… I turned to him and said: ‘The best part is – I already know I get to go home with you tonight.’ Slept about four hours and then had to wake up to clean my place for mom’s arrival. I really like Ron a lot – right now we’re in the phase where we just can’t believe how hot the other one is. He keeps saying, ‘I can’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend.’ And then I think to myself why I don’t. I’m so picky. And I find so many guys to be 20-something infants with very little worldview beyond the upcoming weekend. I think a great sign is his relationship with his room-mates – they are all three the best-est of friends. After the CuntBastard incident I am suspicious when people don’t have friends.






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