monday, september 10

Had a great weekend. Sinister was clunky at the end on Friday but wonderful on Saturday. Sitting in the audience watching them on the edge of their seats to see what happens next was so damned satisfying.

Left the show and went over to Ron’s. We went to Roscoe’s and danced a bit – his roommates Gilbert and Teddy were already there. They tease Ron mercilessly and assure me that I’m part of Ron’s Summer Collection. Teddy was drunk and dancing shirtless on the boxes. Ron wanted to see how much attention I get in a bar – which was evidently a lot. I told him it’s probably best that I don’t know. He caught two guys talking about us in Tagalog that didn’t know he was Filipino – they were remarking what a hot couple we are. Had breakfast at Ann Sather – he’d never had the cinnamon rolls before… then tea/coffee at the Caribou and then we decided to walk to the record store only to get slightly lost and come back. Dinner at Ping Pong and then I came home, napped and did some home-work. Ron is, I think, the first guy I’ve ever just walked up to out of the blue and asked out. Took us three weeks to finally go out. He’s a little shorter than me with a beautiful muscular body and bright eyes and smile. He used to be a ballet dancer and now works as a flight attendant for United. Right now we’re in that lust stage that I never trust. We can’t get over how cute the other one is. We spend time staring at eachother and wondering why in the hell someone would want to go out with us. We were laughing about when I went up to him and he couldn’t tell if I was just passing by or what and inside he’s like say hello, say hello, say hello. I never trust my loins.

I think the word loins is funny. If I was involved in some sort of accident, would it be plausible to just have one loin?






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