monday, may 28

It is now 12:51am – I went to Crobar tonight so see Peter as Sauci Bernaise do a performance of ‘Survivor.’ He used a BDSM motif and the DJ had mixed in whip cracks into the song. As his six dancers paired up and began slowly humping eachother she came forward and ‘sang’ the song with abandon. The whole notion of drag still cracks me up – I just don’t see why it is a gay thing. What does men fucking eachother have to do with dressing up like a woman? I saw Jorge, A___, S____ and Thomaso there as well. Thomaso seemed entranced with my soft hands – I chalk it up to a lifetime of Dove soap since all other soaps made me break out when I was a kid. He got even more excited when I told him I had 14 years of piano study in my fingers.






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