monday, july 2

Rented Scary Movie and Unbreakable last night. I thought Scary Movie was pretty damn dumb – it’s a lame attempt to cash in on the success of the Scream movies (of course it worked). The funniest part was when the killer is chasing the big girl and she cries out, ‘Don’t kill me! I’m only a day player.’ It reminds me of the need to write screenplays that make agents and producers laugh. That for the most part ‘real’ people don’t come in contact with movies until the test screenings. So write to appease and please the moneybags. Unbreakable was a really great idea in a so-so film. The ending had a nice twist. And why does every little boy in ever movie have to have the Brady Brunch reject bowl hair cut? My sons are never allowed to have that. That and rat-tails. Anything but a goddamn rat-tail. Or mullets. At that to the list too.

Mom and dad got back from the beach. Work is lame today. Had a good workout yesterday and cardio this morning. Gearing up for the boxing damage on Wednesday. I’m finally stopped being sore on Sunday.

Bored bored bored… argh.






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