monday, july 16

Much to report – I’ll try to recap by the end of today. Finished the script for Sinister last night. Mostly tweaking. Was able to get in early today and get the scripts copied before my meeting. I am feeling really dulled out today. The scripts are gonna be fine – edited, added and deleted some stuff. Sat in a meeting and did the blocking for the show – we’re doing a read-through of the new script today and then I hope to block at least the first two episodes.

Bought Frankenstein Girls May Appear Strangely Sexy by a group called Mindless Self Indulgence. It is really obnoxious, ultra-caffeinated punk rock – I’m using it for the show. One song’s chorus is Dicks are for my friends when they come to my house! or I’ve been denied all the best ultra-sex. Shoot me now, fuck me later. Also using some Bjork and a mix of Destiny’s Child’s Survivor. And of course a song off Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.

Had dinner with T______ on Friday – sushi. Then we saw Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

which was visually stunning. As with Shrek the detail – down to the last strand of hair is what is so amazing… the pores in the skin of each character. The faces were a little dead and not as animated as real actors reacting in a real-er situation and I was surprised at the spirituality and ecology in the film.

Saturday night I went out to a club called Zentra with Matt, Liv and Ben for Ben’s birthday. It was an okay club. I am still always puzzled by VIP sections. We finally got into the one at this place and it was thoroughly unimpressive and half of it was outside in a patio. I can stand outside at home. And the herds of conspicuous trendies was a little grating. Danced upstairs there until 2 and then went to Circuit until 4:30. Ran into Stephen (“I want the cookies.”) and Timmy who said CuntBastard was there. I made my way to the dance floor and passed him – made sure he saw me but I didn’t make eye contact. He promptly left. Fucking asshole. I win. Ended up dancing and making out with this girl named Ally. It was strange. Also saw Michael and Jorge and Peter and John. Got home around 4:30.

Got up at 8:30 – couldn’t go back to sleep. Went running – did eight miles for the first time. On the way back ran into Peter and friends going to an afterhours party – at 11 am. Back home in Indiana we call that brunch.

OH MY GOD – one of my co-workers is talking so loud I think I’m going to lose my mind.






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