monday, january 15

To: Karen
From: Andy
Subject: I can’t sit still.

Talked to Viaduct – I’m 2nd in line for the warehouse space. D_____ might be moving A________ in there for a long long run – which would still bring in more audience exposure for us if we’re in the smaller space. So I’m 2nd in line for the big space and the first open inquiry for the smaller one which I’m going to go look at this weekend. Do you have Jop’s #? I want to called her since they were in there for Pick Up Axe and ask her take on the space. That’s right we saw that strange Czech play in there too. Hmm… I can’t sit still. I have to go home! The more I think about it the more I want your help as co-producer. I’m trying to make this the production where I learn how to delegate and share responsibility. I like to think I could do it all by myself but I need a production team and having my good friend Karen at the helm would help me sleep at night. I have a huge list of things to do already. I’m trying to keep the show under $5K. I think we can do it. The main expense might be trying to find the schoolgirl outfits. Gotta call out to Morello for ‘Mom’ in Bruises – she’s waiting to hear about other auditions. And I called Fagans for Ripley’s #. That will be strange hearing from one of them. I figure for the one-acts we’re going to make Bruises the main thrust because it is a more visceral image and say ‘presented along with Worms and Bared Soles.’ We might have to have 2 types of posters – one with my main image – Lingo (or Ripley) Bruised up in a ‘after’ polaroid with Jen Oswald behind her. That might be too strong for say a restaurant to post. So a tamer poster as well. I’m also thinking of having ticket prices be $12 and budgeting for $10 and giving out lots and lots and lots of postcards. Also want to have ticket sales online with TicketWeb so I need to call Matthew Whathisface from Dolphinback to see how he likes their service. Might convert my 2nd phone line into the s________ phone too.

My scalp is tingling.






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