monday, august 6

Just got in from Crobar. The place was packed floor to ceiling with sweaty muscular manflesh. It was alternately arousing and repulsive… of course once you got as sweaty as everybody else you didn’t mind. I was an exercise machine today. Went to the gym this morning and then shopping with Brigitte – went and got a CD burner only to come home and have the realization that I don’t have a Firewire connection. Gotta take it back today. Then came home and ran nine miles for some freakishg reason. Then took a nap and then to Crobar for three hours of dancing. I’m nuts. Saw Dave, T______, Shaman, A___, Jorge, Alex and a guy that works at my company named Mike. I’d never officially introduced myself – we’d see eachother at work, the gym and out at the clubs and I could never figure out which one I was seeing him at – all three it turns out. It was good to see T______ – I haven’t seen him in at least two weeks. Dave gave me a ride home. He was slapping my sweaty back saying, ‘splish splash take a bath!’ Ick!

Mom and dad flew away Saturday afternoon. We ate lots of good places and went to the Art Institute on Saturday morning. It was wonderful to see them but it is always the last few hours before they leave that I get antsy and feel like a total dicksmack. I just want to be alone! I was supposed to go out and party into the morning but I’m not. Oh well. I’m still taking tomorrow off. I’ll get more done anyway.

I had the sudden realization today that maybe my anxiety attacks are because I don’t like my job. It is so obvious. I’m doing the wrong thing. Duh! Doh! Insert plosive exclamation of incredulousness here.






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