Mom and Heather were in

Mom and Heather were in town this weekend for the Van Gogh – Gaugin exhibit – it looks really cool – I might drag someone to go see it. They also went to SOFA. Dropped Heather off on the train bound for Midway and then went to visit Ron. We went an bought fitness supplements together – isn’t that sweet? Picking andro pre-cursors is akin to picking a china pattern. Had dinner at somewhere – oh, yeah – Zoom Kitchen – and then hung out – then ate at pingpong – I’m addicted to their sesame chicken still then came home and tried out one of the protein shakes I’d bought. I’ve found Myoplex nauseating so I bought single packets of Isopure, Met Rx and something else. The Met Rx wasn’t too bad and is definitely a contender in my quest for drinkable and non-cook protein. Then walked home since the friggin’ bus didn’t appear until I was three blocks away and went to the grocery and came home.






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