Mint Tea Musings

The think about panic attacks in the summer heat is you can’t tell that you’re having one. You aren’t sure if it is because you are walking fast. Or you are impatient to stand in line. Or something else tipped it off.

Here at the cafe drinking some mint iced tea. I’m glad they started having three types of iced tea, they used to only have English Breakfast and Mango. Mint is much more refreshing. The cafe is about 50% capacity on this hot summer day @ 1:35pm CST. Mostly everybody is on a laptop.

Did some client work this morning. I bought an egg timer to help me focus. When you’ve got Thunderbird, Skype, Trillian and other assorted bleeps and bloops popping up on your computer it is hard to stay focused. The quiet tick of the egg timer helps me to work in half hour chunks. And it is also going to help me remember to eat.

Ran along the lake this morning. Iced my right ankle when I got home as a pre-emptive measure. Ate oatmeal and some scrambled eggs for breakfast. I like running – I think because it is hard on your body – you can really feel it in your bones. Stationary bike, elliptical machine… those don’t give you that bone to stone feel of pounding the pavement. Not many people out this morning. I ran up to Montrose, walked to Irving Park, then ran the rest of the way home.

I also am going to start using the egg timer to ensure that I do my daily blogging. I have let my busines blogging languish lately as other projects crowd my dance card. I (hopefully) launch a business podcast tomorrow. It is called Biz Slap – it is like a bitch slap of wisdom for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I knew that I’d wanted to do a business-y podcast but that I didn’t to be the star of the show so I’ve got a cadre of business coaches all calling in their business wisdom in bite-sized voicemails… the slogan of the site is ‘Voicemails from the trenches of small business.’ You can join the newsletter to get the first alerts when it launches (hopefully) tomorrow at – I’m trying to get things a little edgier than the usual standard MBA crap.

Ron, Gilbert and I ate at Stella’s last night. Stella’s is three distinctly different restaurants throughout the day. In the morning, it is a 50s-style diner with Stella at the helm and a collection of characters including my landlord and his cronies and Joyce, a retired golfer that used to work at the same company I worked at a few years ago. Then mid-day her daughter Maria takes over and it becomes a more city-fied diner with a broader clientele. Then last night (when we went) they tune the satellite radio to the dance music channel and large groups of folks retire there after meetings – I usually assume that any large group of guys laughing and eating together is one of the many AA groups in the area dining together.






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  1. Jonah Avatar

    Wow, sounds like you have a full day! Personally, I hate to run because of that pressure on the pavement, but then again, running is the #1 way to burn fat, so I guess it’s a necessity for now =). Mmm it must be nice to hang out in a cafe on a laptop doing work or just blogging away the hours. I need to get a laptop with wireless capability for my next computer. I love having a desktop, but the portability of a laptop would be great!

    Stella’s sounds like an awesome place! Wish we had a place like that here… =)

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