Migration Cont'd

Continuing the migration to WordPress – moved the new folder into the main public directory. Flipped archives, links/blogroll and categories to their own links for a bit to see if I like that. I’m not sure if I do. I think a blogroll should be on the front page – it’s more polite: if someone is putting my link on their front page – I should put theirs on mine. And maybe Categories should be a drop-down instead of a large list. Being on dial-up these past four weeks has really made me like quick loading pages and if I can get the front page under 10K (.5 sec @ 28.8kbaud) that’d be great. I also want to try and make the Kubrick template liquid instead of bound by the top banner graphic.






3 responses to “Migration Cont'd”

  1. philtre Avatar

    i’m trying to create a blog for my friend, but i guess i’m cursed. I tried WordPress yesterday, but it crashes my Apache due to a bug in php5. Then I tried b2evolution but it shows the login page everytime i click something in the admin area.
    ARGH! And their documentation isn’t really helping, either.

    I saw a great movie yesterday. It’s the only movie that totally kills me, it’s so powerful, complex and beatuiful. Even after watching it the 5th time. Go see it, I saw it’s playing in the US. It’s called “Facing Window”, originally “La Finestra di Fronte”.

  2. Andy Avatar

    That stinks – yeah there are evidently bugs with WP and PHP 5 that they are trying to work out right now. Thnx for the movie recommendation!

  3. palochi Avatar

    If you want the Photoshop template I use top create the multiple banners on my site, let me know. It’s a little tweaked here and there from the one that comes with the DL.

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