Might have a theatre space

Might have a theatre space for March. I’m so wired. I hope to sign a lease next week. I mentioned it to Brigitte and she couldn’t sleep all night. It makes me feel good that people can’t sleep when they find out I’m about to get my theatre freak on. Still hunting for a space for Antigone though. Argh! If it is a March production then I have to get rolling next week. Schedule rehearsals, programs, posters, postcards, pictures… good God. I love it though. I hope it comes through. I can’t wait to work on theatre again. I get such a buzz sometimes. Hee hee. There’s a meeting from 1-4pm that I’m trying to avoid being called into. Hopefully I’ll be successful. Detoxing today with soy milk. Did that math and soy milk comes close to the 65/20/15 carb/protein/fat spread. Had to tack on an OJ to balance it out. I like the idea that all my food for the day is in two boxes.






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