Michael Savage is a Big Dickhead

Does anybody else find this schlep irritating to the extreme (and yet I cannot look away!)?

He’s got a new book out where he gets is pantalones in a bunch about the Ten Commandments being removed from state and federal buildings.

Before you know it, you will not be free to express your religious beliefs in any meaningful way. Why? Once God has been chased out of the country, those who believe in Him are the next to go.

Religion does not belong in any state or federal statute or symbolism. If it was up to me I’d strike ‘Under God’ from ‘One Nation’. I’d take ‘In God’ off ‘We Trust’. And I’d’ve punk-slapped Congress when they so visibly sang ‘God Bless America’ after 9-11. Rip it out of the pledge of allegiance. You wouldn’t swear on a Bible in court – if your honest word is not enough – the fear of God ain’t gonna do jack shit. When religion enters into a nation’s symbolism it has the potential to crowd out the values expressed in it’s charter or constitution – or worse – be used to oppress those that believe differently.

The state should never ever dictate or promote any religion. It is simply too dangerous to fall into the hands of iditos. And with a crazed-bitch-Penecostal-dicksmack attacking anything that faces Mecca, it’s not a matter of if religious persecution of the non-Christian will happen – it already is happening.

Same thing with prayer in schools. You want your kids to pray? Have them pray at home. There’s no reason they should spend the few hours a day they have not in front of a television to learn something about their world – like maybe that some people different beliefs – or no beliefs at all.

Hell – burn the flag while you’re at it. If the destruction of a symbol degrades what it symbolized – then it wasn’t that strong in the first place. Symbols are the expressions of beliefs and ideals – not the supports of them.

At the basis of these fears is that if we aren’t indoctinated in a domineering, crime-and-punishment, carrot-stick, beatings-and-cookies belief system we won’t be able to tell right from wrong.

And chew on this: At the basis of Christianity is the steadfast belief in an imaginary friend who lets suffering and shit happen on the planet for no forseeable reason other than – that’s just the way it is and you have to have faith.

I have no idea where ‘beatings-and-cookies’ came from.






7 responses to “Michael Savage is a Big Dickhead”

  1. sam Avatar

    I’m scared to be called as a witness in court for something. I’ll put my hand on a bible and swear, for sure, but I won’t do anything after that word. I’d end up in jail looking for the number to the ACLU.

    to andy and sam: my sentiments exactly!
    have you guys heard about the gerogia proposal and seen the one article on bush & company’s fundamentalism in light of the election. i just posted links here today… it’s my new, not-yet-quite-launched blog… cheers!

  2. Jeff Avatar

    you are perhaps the most retarded, half-baked individual that I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading.

  3. Andy Avatar

    And yet you cannot look away.

  4. leann Avatar

    I pray for you. You are lost and I hope for your sake you are found in time.

  5. Mr. Pseudo Avatar
    Mr. Pseudo

    I’m afraid Andy, that you have not taken a half-assed look at our legal system since the early 1930’s. When exactly WAS the last time you saw anyone swear on a bible in court? In this day and age, the Mulims, Athiests, Jews, Gays,…etc would be up in ARMS if they were ever forced to swear on a bible! In the future, I suggest that you try to keep your facts relevant to this decade.

  6. Andy Avatar

    Then why do we still have judges trying to install the ten commandments in courtrooms?

    The penchant of one of the world’s largest religions to claim persecution is astounding.

  7.  Avatar

    Dear Andy,

    I happened to accidently stumble on this page… after reading your comments, my opinion is that the anger you are publicly venting is a result of a deep loneliness or empty void within you. Jesus Christ can fill that void, bring you lasting peace, and fill your heart with joy. I’m praying for you. God bless.

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