Michael Moore's Really Fat!

Can we dispense with the Michael Moore fat jokes? There’s enough room for criticism besides making donut jokes. Fat jokes are the ultimate ‘easy reach’ of humour. And yes, I’ve read some of Christopher Hitchens’ screed on Moore – though I’m waiting to ingest criticism until I’ve actually seen the film – which most online criticism doesn’t seem to be waiting for. It’s like ripping on Ann Coulter because she’s a fembot – there’s enough holes in her writing and ideology that personal appearance remarks are superfluous.






12 responses to “Michael Moore's Really Fat!”

  1. JC Avatar

    I agree– people reach for the easy, personal insults when they are unable or unwilling to look at the content and critize arguements or points.

    Beastmomma – you’re here! Enjoying yer blog. And I love the name ‘beastmomma’ it’s so maternal and carnivorous all at the same time.

  2. JC Avatar

    Thank you– I feel like I know you so well. Monica came to visit us a few weeks ago; she, Beth and I were talking about the intersections of various worlds.

  3. th0m Avatar

    A-hem… fatty the fat fat fatting the fat that fats fat fatted fat. Its a lot like going out on the town some night looking for a good smurfing.

    Some blogger said most that have been keeping up with the issues will still find it interesting, and will appreciate the culmination.

  4. Andy Avatar

    What? You know Beth and Monica – I must have missed that connection – those are my GIRLS! God I’ve gotta call them (and get at least Beth blogging).

  5. Andy Avatar

    A good smurfing? Does that involve giddy shirtless blue men? Is it like a good snogging?

  6. Danny O'Bryan Avatar
    Danny O’Bryan

    when your entire world focus on what you weigh
    not what you are -that descrimation.WE feel sorry for the anorix people but find an easy target in the fat people of the neighberhood.No one start out to be bigger that normal.Just as normal is…..fatty- let’s kickem to the crub and keep walking donn’t stop……

  7. JC Avatar

    Andy, I live with Beth. She told me to go to your website. I have tried to get her to blog, but she is not having any of it. Both she and Monica adore you.

  8. Andy Avatar

    I feel so dumb – I never put 2 and 2 together!

  9. JC Avatar

    It’s okay. Now you know. When you talk with her, you can say “hi” to me if want. I tell her to do the same for you.

  10. Jeff G Avatar

    You may not believe me (and hey, that’s cool, I’ll live with the shame and disappointment), but when I aim a fat joke at Michael Moore, I believe myself to be answering him back in the same language he uses to attack his subjects — unserious, broad pandering. Moore is a decent humorist, but his lazy collage of elliptical “arguments” do not make him a serious critic of the Bush administration. They make him a crank with a camera and budget and an opinion. When Moore makes a serious argument, I’ll happily debate him on the merits. But he’s not making a serious argument; and so he doesn’t deserve a serious response. Worse, he intentionally plays fast and loose with the facts, and then when he’s called out on his errors, suddenly he’s a “satirist” rather than a documentarian. I try to reinforce Moore’s unseriousness every day by ignoring his “arguments” altogether and instead harping on his girth. It’s my way of showing that I don’t take him seriously. And to my way of thinking, it’s even more important to do so now, when his premieres are attracting the who’s who of the Democratic party. Like it or not, Moore is becoming tied to the Dems. Terry McAuliffe seems to want to make the tether official. Fine by me. But I’ll continue belittling more for being unserious, in the hope that the same stigma gets attached to McAuliffe, et al.

  11. Corey Montiho Avatar
    Corey Montiho

    Wow,,,,,Mr. Moore is one fat bastard.

  12. James Avatar

    But Micheal Moore IS a fatty fat fat-so. In so many words he says eat the rich, but he is the one eating……eating lots and lots of food. He IS the rich. How pathetic has the media become? bla bla bla……it’s all going straight to hell.

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