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Hunky fitness model with nice abs. (c) Rodale.I figured if I announced this, I’d actually feel the kick in the pants to get it set up.

Jef and I have made a pact to work through The Abs Diet together. We’ve both tried it on our own but figured it’d be more motivating to do it together.

I’m gonna make a blog where we can all post measurements, workout logs, inspiration pics (like Hunky McHunky-shorts to the left) and general whining. Anybody else wanna join in? Add a comment below.






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  1. tom Avatar

    My partner (Geoff also) and I just entered the same contest. Tis the season. Good luck to you and looking forward to the motivational materieal to follow!

  2. myke Avatar

    andy … oddly enough that’s the very kinda thing i’d be interested in dieting for … losing the excess around the middle. i’ll check out the info on the site you linked to & let you know for sure but sounds like something i’d like to be a part of.

  3. Jef Avatar

    I’m still in. I just had my Shredded Wheat With Bran, almond slivers, and fresh blueberries. I washed it down with a frosty glass of water and I’m heading to the gym before my lunch meeting.

    I believe I’ve found my inspirational pic too!

  4. Wayne Avatar

    Great. I’m trying to loose my GUT as well. I’ll be check this out.

  5. mark Avatar

    I have abs like that, so if you have ANY sort of questions, just give me a holler!


  6. David Avatar

    I thought the whole reason behind having a boyfriend was being able to keep your gut?

  7. DannyBunny Avatar

    oh god, this is spot on and can’t get any timelier. was just lamenting at the slight side bulges that are slowly but surely creeping up on me! count me in! but do we have to follow the same diet?

  8. Andy Avatar

    the whole reason behind having a boyfriend was being able to keep your gut?

    All I know is I’m not going to be The Fat one.

    do we have to follow the same diet?

    I suppose not. Which one do you want to do?

  9. Brian (Shadowfoot) Avatar

    I’m reading the book now and about to start on the diet.

  10. Jeffrey Avatar

    Hey, my first time commenting here, but I saw the note about this on Tribe, looked at the web site, then looked at my waist. I’m in.

  11. DannyBunny Avatar

    no particular diet comes to mind yet. mebbe not eat at all? haha okay joking. the good news is i started on my abs workout today and also did a rounnd of rope skipping. man, skipping is way more tiring than running! the better news is: i think the tummy is already looking flatter! LOL.

    i’m gonna see if i can find the book at Kinokuniya (mega bookstore over here) later. it’ll be gr8 if we’re all on the same diet or routine.

    so when’s this abs-blog gonna get started so we can all start posting our vanity pictures? haha.

    to the rest: JIA YOU! (means “add oil” in Mandarin…words of encouragement…but then again, i think we wanna lose the oil…)

  12. Joe B Avatar

    I’ve been following the Abs Diet with success since November, and keeping track at:

    I’ll check back to see how you’re doing. Best of luck to all of you..

  13. alysha Avatar

    good god that man is fit!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D

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