Meet Your New Nazi

Catching up on the news:

Mulkasey got through.

After much raging. The Democrats finally drop telecom immunity from the bill. Fucking idiots. It should have been ‘off the table’ from the beginning.

Colorado Supreme Court affirms fertilized egg as person: “In a terse 7-0 decision today, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the state Title Board’s approval of a 2008 proposed ballot measure to bestow constitutional rights on fertilized human eggs.”

CNN braces for more blowback from their super-shitty debate. Carville as analyst? Whoops. He’s an advisor to the Clinton campaign.

SNL fires 90% of their staff over writer’s strike.

Tasering in Chicago: “According to the lawsuit, about 9 p.m. June 15, Vega came to Guardi’s and ordered pasta salad. When Mendez walked into the cooler to get the food, Vega asked Mendez’s wife if she wanted to see Vega scare her husband. She said “no,” according to court documents. Then, Vega allegedly pointed the gun at Mendez’s head and fired, causing the prongs to stick to Mendez’s right temple and collarbone. Mendez went into convulsions and later became unconscious. He also bit off a piece of his tongue, the lawsuit said.”

Newsweek hires Karl Rove.

“Rapture is not an exit strategy.”






2 responses to “Meet Your New Nazi”

  1. Lyle Lachmuth - The Avatar

    Oh my!

    A little dark tonight Sweet Cakes.


  2. Brandon H Avatar
    Brandon H

    You may want to look up what is going on in Olympia Washington. Large peaceful protests led by women against the use of the port for military shipments. All they got in exchange was clubbings, pepper spray, and explitives yelled at them by cops and then slandered in the local news as being “just a bunch of out of state college kids being hooligans and how dare they since they don’t pay taxes”.

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